Email Registration  
To register for the delivery of future Payment Notices and Newsletters by email, you
are now required to register your details in the new MAST Data Portal via this link:
MAST Data Portal Link
In the interest of protecting your personal information, to set up your account you
will need access to the mobile phone number or email address currently recorded in
the MAST database as you will be required to enter a 6-digit code which will be sent to you.
Once registered in the Portal, you will be able to access your personal details and
any records held with MAST (motor boat licence, vessel registration, mooring etc).
  The Portal will enable you to:
 *  Update information held by MAST
 *  Lodge a Notice of Disposal
 *  Lodge a Transfer of Registration
 *  Lodge a new Application to Register a Vessel
Download and / or print a duplicate copy of your
Motor Boat Licence or Certificate of Boat Registration
Order and make payment for a plastic licence card
or various MAST publications
Should you experience any difficulties or require further assistance
please contact MAST on 6235 8888 (Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 5.00 pm).
Personal Information Protection
Marine and Safety Tasmania